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The legal history or the legal background of law is basically the study of how laws have developed and why they have changed over time. It also covers the interpretation of laws and court cases that have been going on since we formed a legal system. Legal history works within the broader context of socio-political history and is closely associated with the evolution of civilisations. A brief history of the development of law can be traced back to the emergence of the state and the rise of constitutional government. Throughout history, different types of legal systems have been in existence such as aristocratic law, medieval law, Freeman's law and common law.

We can talk about the evolution of the legal history of the world from a global perspective. There have been many changes to the legal system across different countries in the past few centuries. For instance during the period of enclosure, the law changed significantly and most of the common law elements were replaced with statutes. This was accompanied by massive enclosure settlements which removed most of the rural populations from the equation completely.

The legal systems are far different from each other, more so in terms of the scope of their services. However, many similarities can be seen in the protection and assistance extended to their citizens.

In order to understand the evolution of legal history better, it is imperative to consult legal historians who are experts in the various fields of law. Most legal historians hold PhD degrees in the history of law. They are scholars in different fields of criminal justice, including criminology, law, social work, social sciences and psychology. Most legal historians are involved in research and writing about the history of laws, especially those governing criminal behavior, private organizations, politics, immigration and the penal system.

There are numerous law schools across offering courses on legal history. Some of them offer a minor in the history of law, while some pursue an LLM degree in this field. Besides, there are various professional organizations across the country that offer courses in legal history as well. There are law history seminars that are conducted throughout the year, as well as full-time programs. For someone who has an interest in studying law, but cannot go to a law school, the Internet offers a wide variety of online programs.

A number of websites offer information and resources regarding studying legal history. Students can gain valuable insights into this interesting area of study. The students can benefit from studying legal history in any country. It can open up a world of new knowledge, perspectives, and experiences.

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